Surroundings » Hammerknuden


Hammerknuden is a rocky ridge, which forms the northern tip of Bornholm. The rocks rises in certain places straight up - in some places up to 30 meters above the sea surface, making the walk around the Hammerknuden a fantastic experience. We have guests who stays with us every year for over 25 years and regardless of weather conditions walk the trip each morning. Simply said, a walk that is unique for Bornholm.

Hammer harbour is a small and incredibly idyllic marina, which in ancient times was used to carry granite from the island. The harbour is sheltered by Hammerknudens vertical rock cliff on one side and the castle ruins Hammershus that rises impregnable on the other side.
From Hammer harbour small tourist boats bring tourists close within and into the fantastic rock formations. The tour also goes into the deep cave "wet kiln", which can only be reached via the sea. The boats also passed Hammershus' ruin, so you can see for yourself how hard it has been to seize. Rock formations "Camel heads", "lion head" and many others are also on display, the tour is a beautiful experience that becomes peppered with interesting local history by the skipper of the boat. From Hammer harbour you can also walk on interesting walkways around the magnificent nature of Bornholm.