LANGEBJERG is the rocky ridge that has lend its name to our Hotel-pension


HAMMERKNUDEN is a fantastic rocky mountain/hill forming the northern point of Bornholm


SANDVIG is a beautiful town and the center for tourism on northern Bornholm




Bicycling on Bornholm is easy and safe on the many newly built bicycle paths on the beautiful island. You can ride to all the sights and enjoy our green island, riding along the sea or in the moderate heights and the forests –every turn of the road will bring new experiences.
Go to Bornholm for an active holiday. Bicycle paths take you past everything that makes Bornholm the Pearl of the Baltic Sea.



The coasts of Bornholm and the surrounding sea is known in angling circles as great fishing water. The fishing water around Hammerknuden is among the richest fishing waters, we have on Bornholm. The amazing thing with Hammerknuden is, that you can come out with the fishing-line no matter where the wind comes from and if you want to try your luck here, the Hotel Langebjerg father Lars will give you good local advice and ideas, no matter what you plan to fish for.

If you prefer to fish in the lakes and marshes, Lars has also advices on where to go to fish in some fantastic surroundings like by the Hammer Lake, or maybe the Opal lake - places that must be experienced, regardless if you are interested in fishing or not.